Choose the design and the painting item on the day.
After choosing them, you can paint it with your favorite color, so you can make the original Bingata items.
You take your work home on the day. And after a few days you will do the finishing work to drop the glue.

working process of bingata

It is necessary to make your reservation by e-mail in advance.
(Please make a reservation by the day before at the latest. We can't accept the reservation on the day.) 
 Our painting experience is full-fledged, so we recommend it to a group of adults.
But if your children want to participate in the workshop, they can participate from 6 years old.
( Sorry, Under 5 years old should do it after they'll be older.)

  Normal menu(painting on our item)
Experience cost
This will be the total of the painting fee and the item cost(1+2).
1,500 yen -3,000 yen for painting one pattern.
 1.Painting cost  2.Item cost
S-size designF1,500 yen
M-size designF2,000 yen
L-size designF2,500 yen
LL-size designF3,000 yen

500 yen will be deducted from the above for the second and subsequent patterns.
Canvas bag(small and large) 300 yen
Shoulder bag (small and large)300 yen
Pouch 200 yen
Flower vase mat 200 yen
Coaster 0 yen
Fabric for frame 0yen
Stole 500 yen
 The campaign will be free of charge for all items except stoles until March 31, 2023.

* It takes about 1-2 hours to finish,
Class times.
Up to6 people at a time
( Because our shop is so small. )

*Painting design chart is here.@

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