Choose the design and the painting item on the day.
After choosing them, you can paint it with your favorite color, so you can make the original Bingata items.
You take your work home on the day. And after a few days you will do the finishing work to drop the glue.

working process of bingata

It is necessary to make your reservation by e-mail in advance.
(Please make a reservation by the day before at the latest. We almost can't accept the reservation on the day.) 

  Normal menu(painting on our item)
item price(per design)
 T-shirt(kids-Men's L size) 1,500 - 3,000 yen

small design:1,500 yen
medium design: 2,000 yen
large design: 2,500 yen
2L-size: 3,000 yen
From the second design will be taken off 1,000 yen.

*They include item cost, but 500 yen will be added as a material cost only when you choose T-shirt..
  canvas bag(small and large)
 draw bag
 flower vase mat

* It takes about 1-2 hours to finish,
Class times.
Up to six people at a time(Over 6 people,it is negotiable.)

*Painting design chart is here. 

(Only for the group of under 5 person )
price(per design)
1,500-2,500 yen

small design: 1,500 yen
medium design:2,000 yen
large design: 2,500 yen
the second design is 1,000 yen discount
You can also paint on your own items.
If you hope to bring your own item,please let me know when you make reservartion.

Caution points
*If you bring your own, you should choose and bring flat, light colored, not too thin, not too rough and not water-repellent fabric.
*If your cloth is a brand-new, it's beter to wash it beforehand in order to make your Bingata so beautiful.

If you have visited here and painted Bingata, you can apply it (.For repeat customer only )
2,000 yen (per design)
Item : 7x10 inch Fabric
Designs : You can choose from them. (1 design per person )
Workshop's time : about 60-90 minutes

Banyan tree and tree spirit(Kijimuna)

Sea of Okinawa

Pair Shisa(L)
If the group is children, please let us know.
we can change the designs to M-size or S-size.

Autumn-Winter campaign
Christmas design
2,500 yen (per design)
Item : 9.5x10.7 inch Fabric

If your group is more than 10 people in the main land of Okinawa,
we can do the visiting workshop ( maximum of 16 people).
You need make a reservation by one week before.