Working process of Bingata
First step eShitanurif
  -Basic colors painting process-

Let's paint the basic cokors (the white spaces inside of the glue).
You can use 12 colors.

Second step eKumadorif
  -Process of adding shadows to a design-

Next, add shadows to colors painted in the first step.
You can use 4 colors for adding shadows.
In this step, let's challange the traditional style of adding shadows (holding 2 brushes).

Final step eMizumotof
  -Wash off the glue-

You take your Bingata work home on the day.
After drying the cloth 1~ 2 days, let's wash off the glue by yourself (We'll give you a text about this step when you finish the second step. It's easy.).
Movie of Final step

Enjoy your Bingata creation!